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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "COFFEE!!!"

Just awesome.

Well, I don't like sleeping anymore. I just whant to drink coffee the whole night! (And maybe the two others too.)
I just loved this music. Its really cool. And, at first, I didn't even know that music was looping... Just awesome.

wow great job

it is such a great mix of guitar and synth. very creative :)

Great job!

It's time to go do something awesome, epic, dangerous, and overall badass.

Maverlyn responds:

Warning: The following stunts are performed by untrained coffee addicts and shuld never be tried at home without the supervision of a walrus..

As a man trying in vain to make music, I say...

This song seems to be one of the best songs I have seen on this site. Also what program do you use to make these, as I cant get my program to 1: upload to this site, an 2: make original music. Thanks, and still one of the best songs on Newgrounds.

Maverlyn responds:

Magix Music Maker for most tracks and for project tracks and random crap i use Aviary

Problem solving steps:
1. make sure you save it as described "Must be sampled at 44.1 kHz."
2.make sure you don't go over the time or size limits (Higher user level = more space)
3.for the best music avalible use the latest version of FL Studio

Exactly how I feel right now

I have three different coffees I mix together to create my power source for two days currently I have enough caffeine in my system to kill a normal person but seeing as how I'm ADHD I can handle quite a bit more than a normal person!

Great job on the song feels exactly as I imagined it would nice and peppy!



Maverlyn responds: