Reviews for "Arnie's Day VGDC contest"


Good idea and nice story but its definetily too short!

Colombian-Outcast responds:

i no but its kinda hard to think of funny things re-tards would well i had a hard time at-least thx for the review

It was good, but just one problem...

The scene with the Graveyard and Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom sequence was already done in an earlier Arnie movie, albeit this version was a tad bit different.

Oh man that's uh... pretty twisted! Love the way the voice acts are mixed in from different sources though, combined with sprites, some catchy music... completely random entertainment. I was wondering what the last one had to do with anything but eh... oh, there she is! Poppin outta the coffin. :P Keep up the great work!


cool one

that was a pretty nice sprite animation, and cool for a VGDC-style animation. this one here was a little bit short overall, but all of the scenes in this one were quite interesting and they were fun to watch.