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Reviews for "Expert's Guide to NG-DX"

finally someone else who also thinks nicely

i don't see a lot of ppl who thinks nicely or stuff like that. many immediately try to say how bad it is. im one of the few (thats how i feel like) who r against the stat....... u no. i try to b as nice as possible and give lots of advice. i have a question. wat do u say in ur reveiws? i always say about their work, wat they need to work on and always try to compliment them on making something! i h8 hows ppl insult like no tomorrow and stuff like that....... its like they forget that A. author could've been told to make this. B. reveiwer could've never made a game before! C. reveiwer was once like that before too (game making skill i mean). or D. not everyone's perfect. some need a little more practice. doesn't mean to tell them to never again make a game or try to again. its doesn't mean that they r always baed and their work wiull forever too b bad. come on ppl! think logically! not instant h8fest!

highwatermark responds:

Bad reviews are where deity whistles come from. It's not a bad thing.

I'm not famous for my reviews, mainly for flash. My reviews are nothing special.


This was really helpful! This flash showed me some usfule things!
How to improve?....ummm.....well.....
you really cant. This is really flawless. Front page material right here. Now I need to work on getting a shiny deity wistle!

The best guide for Newgrounds ever!

I realised many truths about Newgrounds and me (like I'm a forced stat-whore), and now I can be sure of wathever I do here!
This must be showcased in the FAQ! Thank you for teaching newbies so good!

Very Good.

i loved the insightful way it was written
i think this cood be very useful


I showed my friend to NG last year and now all he does come to NG all the time! It took him a while to learn everything. I wish you had this out last year when I showed him. Great job. Keep up the good work.