Reviews for "Edible Castle #2"


this was really cool! Thx for making this XD Awesome!

A bit short, and doesn't have as many great mouth-made sound effects as the first. Nevertheless, excellent flash and I loved the ending.

EdibleCastle responds:

Yeah maybe you're right. We'll rampack the next one with moutheffects galore!

Such a silly idea.

The thing that I like about the series so far is the sond effects. I love how you make all of the noises using your voice, it really expresses your creativity. The goblin was right though, cheese is incomplete without crackers accompanying it. I was laughing hysterically when the jester shouted "I've got some crackers!" I lke this series so far, keep up the great work!


I loved the king when he went angry. Why THE HELL can`t you let us in?!!! XD

Very funny

I love the two knights "Shut up Ryan you ain't even got a dad, you bastard! Your the bastard mate ah!" Hilarious