Reviews for "Edible Castle #2"

Bastard Crackers

The artwork and animation are superb once again. The voice acting and sound are masterful once again. The only real difference this time around is the storyline. A troll named clive and two nights fighting with a gesture and an exploding bag of crackers... what the hell is going on here? All in all this was quite hilarious, but overall kind of confusing.

|| Good Points ||
*Superb Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Masterful Sound
*Masterful Voice
*Superb Story

|| Bad Points ||


I can totally eat cheese without crackers. uumm cheese

guns'n angel...

with guns... like minigun (... it is a machine gun that shoots 61 bullets in 1 second.) ak - 47 ... m16.. desert eagle...rpg-7...as-17 sniper rifle.... and tons of guns, this video will be more better


yum i eat your castle, great voice acting ,love the noncense gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

If he had no crackers...

how did he eat the key?