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Reviews for "- My Demon and I -"

Aww you skipped out the part where she transforms.

I really wanted to see the part where she turns into a demon and maybe kills that guy, that would have been really cool. It was very suspenseful, which the music matched the suspense. The graphics were wonderful and you could really have sympathy for the girl. Would love to see a longer movie that would probably make the front page.

blueblowbang responds:

my goal is to make front page xDDDDDD

but i dont think i hav the skills yet to do so, maybe in a few years >.>

nice guess! originally i was gonna make the girl kill the guy, but i wanted to keep it in "suitable for all" category so i decided not to put it in there >.>

So cool...

You are one of the few girls who do flash, pretty cool! Nice graphics by the way!

Loved it

You did a great job on this, please keep up the good work!


It's not that often you see a serious video on new grounds, and when you do they're not that great. But this ouns my face! It rocked my socks in the box over there! I have one word for you, Wow...

Kick ass

That totally kicked ass. Hope to see more like.