Reviews for "Epic Movie Trailer"

By no means bad, but shy of 'epic'

I really love the start, the tension building - but then in the middle it gets a bit too slow, then grows faster, and then slows down again for end and that really turns down the 'epic' meter.

I think starting off slowly, and then ending with hard drums/bass (as stated previously) ould make it much more 'epic' (alike the most notable trailer song used - Clint Mansell's Requiem of a Dream Remix).

Try watching already released trailers and create music for those trailers. I think it may help with the structure a bit if you're really aiming for it to be epic. other than that, it's great, but nothing I would associate with a Hollywood blockbuster trailer (more so the lesser financed Hollywood films).


Now coming to a theartre near you....

haha, great job! it really sounds like a movie trailer, way to go!


Hans Zimmer!? What a BRILLIANT man, just brilliant.
Thought it could use some real pounding drums towards the end, that would have really made it epic. Most 'epic' pieces seem to start off quietly, then build and build and build until you've got some explosive drums and strings! :D
Good start, though. Maybe not quite 'epic' yet, but I liked it!

D minor!

Nice work. I particularly liked the violin.

Tainlorr responds:

Yes! Media Ventures Hans Zimmer D Minor!