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Reviews for "lost in the city"

Wow talk about looking at things from a different angle

Why do have so few followers? If your recent submissions are an indication of things to come then I'm excited. This may not be perfect, but doing experiments like this is a sign that you're pushing yourself. I love the stillness in some parts in contrast to the rapid movement in others. Combined with the desaturated colors it looks like an old photo, and I can almost feel the girl about to move.

radshoe responds:

That means a lot to me. Thanks for the review! ;)

Nice work radshoe

Although the perspective makes me a bit disoriented, I still think its a beautiful piece of retro. I like the way that it reminds me of the old sci-fi movies like The Fifth Element. Anyway, Great Work, radshoe!

radshoe responds:

I agree, I messed up the perspective in this one. Still needs a lot of improvement. I only hope it didn't ruin the whole thing too much. I appreciate the feedback, thanks! ;D

As I watch, I keep getting the "Futurama" theme in my head.