Reviews for "Wilderness Guardians"


i don't like runescape.
but this is very is a very good animation.
good work

pretty cool stuffs...

i liked it. but i think runescape is reallly stupid. but i gave it -1 star for the fac the animation was good but not excellent and -1 because it was kinda cheesey at certain parts. and the murder scene of his family was brutal. nice use of classic cinamatography too!!! but seriously dont ever play runescape if you want to get girls...


The grafics are great and i like the game too. THis is one of my favorite movies please make a sequil.

Not bad.

The opening bgm reminded me of Stardust. Anyway, not too shabby.

Ya know...

If you had replaced the words "Runescape" with some other name like Middle Earth or something of the sort, you would have had no problems with people rating it down for the game. There were also little to no references to the game (just the mage with the ice)

It's a good movie though.
PS: Runescape is not the name of the world it's the name of the game. The real name is like Gelienor or something... (I used to play this worthless game)