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Reviews for "Madness day 2015 celebration! :D"

Horrible art. Five stars

This Picture/GIF is awesome. I see Hank and Sanford at the autograph table and they can't find Demos. The Agent keeping him out because he was smoking. Lol. I see the Green Pepper crew too. This Picture/GIF is amazing. Good work!


tailsbuddy responds:

Thank you ^^

This is incredibly amazing.You managed to make the characters detailed even tho it is so small! It took me a while to realize that it was based on real people.How are you even able to make it animated?Heh!Some people make terrible 8-bit madness arts,but this one is STUNNING.The best 8-bit art I've ever seen.The props and backgrounds are PERFECT.Although I didn't appear in this art,there is always next year!I always tell this to myself.I didn't make appearance in Madness Day 15 but hey!I might be in Madness Day 16!So yeah,this is a great REAL piece of art.

tailsbuddy responds:

Oh stahp it you *blushes*
To be honest with you, I've put quite a bit of work into this one, but the animations were a bit rushed due to the deadline :P The animations are made using the same techniques you would in flash (frame by frame), so there's that.

I've actually checked out your account as well, but didn't realize you had an OC.If you want to be in MD2016, feel free to send me a PM to the link of your OC. Or you could click on the link posted above and post it there. :D

Oy i just wanna kidnapping some people from There now. c:

tailsbuddy responds:

What, why do you want to kidnap people!? xD
But yeah, if you're serious, I'll do it for Md2016 :D