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Reviews for "Virus Alert - "Weird Al""


Man i have to tell you.. First off i got a major headache, fever and i'm on the internet owning noobs taking sick pleasure from their suffering.
Then, when i found your song i was -this- close to clicking it away, prejudging it on my mood.

But MAN was that awesome. You actually made me smile :)
Thank you. I'm giving this flash a straight out 10/10!

You truly are one of the best.
May this live on the frontpage, FOREVER!

Nice to see it's finally here

I saw this, and when i found out it was made in flash (it was obvious) and someone from Newgrounds made it (not so obvious) and that someone was you, I was happy. Why? Because Newgrounds + Wierd Al = FUCK YES.

Nice animation :)


Loved the way this video was done and I really enjoyed the song (Though I'm a big "Weird Al" fan anyway) hope tho see more from you and hope you get to do more videos for Weird Al and even others in the music business


"Weird Al" rules, and this is pretty good too. Just one thing: at the end, when he selects the button, there's no text, but in the straight outta lynwood dvd, there is text! ? Also, it feels better to see the tank logo on the straight outta lynwood dvd than hear for some reason. The game is pretty fun. There should be more "Weird Al" games. And no, I don't need his autograph; I already have it.


That was a good flash unique sorta. But what was that song in the disco floor (shortest scene in the flash).