Reviews for "Pico's Blam Jam"

Almighty Hans...

Sexy job. You make all the girls go crazy.

DIE!!!! :}~

Great jerb everyone.

*hump de bump*

Pico: Blamming Butt and Taking Ranks

This is pretty sweet fan movie/game you got here, I like it. Pico is upset that he is not in the top ranks despite being the Mascot of the Portal and sets out on a rampage to murder the posers that are wrongfully sitting on his throne. The first level is a riot, you practically commit a homicidal massacre on the cheery suburban streets of Lengendary Frog Land where you kill all his helpless non-hostile creations. I found it funny how easy it was considering it is a tutorial level based on the child like nature of Legendary Frog's "creativity and humor" and I just loved the Piconjo reference up upon the rooftops. Very challenging much later but rewarding thanks to the movies at the end of each level. I do have some problems with the finished product, considering that there is no back button visible when you die. The madness level can get monotonous after a few tries. The Super flash bros. levels feels flimsy. There also should have been levels based on Knox and Illwillpress, but overall, this flash is a great satire on popular NG Artists.

PivotGames responds:

ok We've been thinking about making a 'go back' button. You can press escape to do that though. I'm glad you played though the whole game before reviewing.


I liked more the Animations and the dialogues thatn the game, would be better if pico can run and make more moves

I really liked when pico kills LF, is funny

PivotGames responds:

well yea, but this game isn't only a shooter, if you go to the super flash bros level you can see that this games got a bit of variety in its gameplay. thanks for the review

I loved it

Great game. I have always loved the mix of movie plus game, great touch.

PivotGames responds:

Play on, Play on, You probably haven't seen half of it yet ;) Thanks for the review.