Reviews for "PicoDay: PathwayThroughNG"


now i want to play some harlem world

Awesome concept/idea!

The art was great, and I loved how Pico was changing to fit the flash every time. I especially liked the There She Is, Weebl and Bob and the Madness Combat parts.
When I saw the image I was like, "Aww crap, this'll suck!"
When I saw the flash, it was awesome.
I wish there was an 11.

cool flash

its original it had good graphics and it also lets you see the old newgrounds andyes b is the crappiest submission so true any way i watched it and i enjoyed this hope to see more pico day flashes


That was great. I love how it started out as Pico's School. Everything was great i just gotta as what was the part in the college?


that was fuckin hilarius