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Reviews for "Press Start: V for Vile 1"

Abso-bleeding-lutely Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my review, or some would say critique, due to the extreme detail tha tenters these reviews I write.

Graphics: 10, because your camera footage was very clean and professional, not to mention that the lack on movement of the camera added to the air of immobility that one assumes when they talk on the phone.

Style: 9, because I found the idea of a live-action idea on NewGrounds to be very original, and in fact, refreshingly humourous.

Sound: 8, because the sounds were dedicated, and the quality was good, however, the worms' voices got a little on my nerves.

Violece: 5, due to the implied loss of a head on a HellHound, which I find to be sad. Not to mention that the worms were very aggressive, in true Worms style.

Interactivity: 0, because there was none. Anyone who votes higher than 0 for interactivity for something like this would be a major fanboy, or a complete twit, possibly both.

Humour: 10, as your story was well thought-out, and the script cleverly written. Heck, even my dad enjoyed it, he thought it was alright.

Overall, you get a 9, due to the effort and brilliance that you've put in with making this. BTW, does the movie get released here in Australia? If so, where would you release it?


Wow, when I saw your idea for a live action movie, I really thought it would end up being dumb, and that you would be better off selling your animated series rather than making a live action. [While that isn't necessarily a bad idea either, if you produced enough of them,] this is much better than I thought. Nothing sounds worse than a live-action low-budget video game movie, but this isn't all that bad. Although, the only thing we've seen so far is Vile sitting there and talking on his thrown...I assume the full length will have more, (of course.)

You have also successfully transfered the humor - still awesome games that you're talking about, I have yet to encounter anything major that I havn't seen, and at this point, I'm willing to look into anything that comes up that I don't know of.

Keep it up, and you'll have a lot more customers. Or at least me =)

Never mind the pessimists

I think your series rocks, live action or otherwise! The reviewer before me needs to get his head out of his ass.
Well done!

What the hell--?

Yeah...where's the animation? I was expecting the same old random crap that you always used to make, but now it's just a video. There's a place for those things. It's called "YouTube". You should try it. Besides, it wasn't even funny. And use more creative gradients and don't make your drawings so nooby for christ's sake.

tiny bouncing bananas

Great stuff, funny and loaded with references. Eagerly waiting for the dvd.