Reviews for "The Last Stand."

Oh My GOd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This game kicked ass! this is your first?!? you must be naturally brilliant then.
Graphics: 10 kick ass
Style: 10 nice combo of defense/strategy/shooting
Sound: 10 duh
Violence: 10 pwn with my hunter rifle + ak47
Interativity: 10 double-duh
Humor: 10 nice diary and notes-to-self


VERY GREAT GAME I BEAT ALL 20 LEVELS!!! great game neway and the last gun is very cheap im not to much of a spoiler so i wont give the name, great game!


i played Last Stand 2 yesterday (forgot where i found it) that game was a little too hard compared to this game

I Won

good game and fun advice: 6 on weps and survivors until you have 7 survivors then go 12 on weps unless you need to repair


Greatest, bestest, superest and anything else ending est game ever! I hope you make a sequel.