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Reviews for "VR Defender Y3k"


cul BTW love the beginning joke!!! (worm) evry thing is awsome

I loved every bit of it!

It's just drawn so simple, but I love every bit of it. The levels are challenging, you get a choice whenever you want a easy track, or harder one. I love the big selection of towers as well, and the fact that you get to upgrade them and make them more powerful is just deadly.

Of all my attempts at beating it, I beat it only once, yet I reached the final boss about three times. I hate it when all those viruses pass your cannons and reach the server. Especially the later ones (they even take it down with like, one hit).

I didn't like the fact that it lagged on you when you massed flamethrowers. You should develop a firing code so it reduces the lag too, so your not on the same level for about five minutes.

My favorite cannons are the Flamethrower and Ice Cannon ones, they work so well as a team.

- HydraliskElite

what can i say

this game is soo addicting its like taking 4 pounds of coke at once

i made it at level 51 then i lost


i died at squares and it is rly hard to get further , anyways great game

Good Game!

I was able to beat it. The lag gets really bad around wave 40+ on max settings. It is a fun game, and very difficult, even on very easy.