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Reviews for "Goblins Heart"

great game

i had lot of fun plaing this game. but it is very hard. with last weapon it become kinda easy, you get back 1 energy for every goblin you kill
i found a bug and a glitch.
the bug is that you can buy weapon and armor without pay, just say no when ask if you want to buy
the glitch is that sometimes a coin stay next to you and move when you move, it dissapear if you get another coin

This is awesome!

Nice game man, i made it to the top 30 without hax! omg omg omg...
i never make it that far because hackerz always get 10000000 score but nice game i luved it!


it got dry in the middle cause i ony faced one enemy at a time it started around lv7 it might have been a glich i dont know but it was fun until then

it was okay until.....

it was okay until there was oine gblin every like 10 seconds i have no idea why it started at lvl ten 1 guy egvery 15 seconds from the same side everytime

fukin asome game dude

took foreer to beat but i felt cool playin it wish the highscore worked