Reviews for "Pyromasters"



100% one of the most awsome badass games eva! Remids me of the old Bomberman games. Only one thing can make this better: Online. If you come up with a sequel and it be on the line, I'd shat myself in joy.


This game was so much fun man i cannt resist! me and my 3 friends have been playing this straight for the last 4 hours!!!! and i will admit i have gotten my but kicked by that NPC ^-^

mofunzone responds:

Yeah mate! It's a billion times funner with friends huh? :) Thanks for playing!

multiplayer is freakin awesome

me and my friend played this on multiplayer and it was awesome. we played it for like 3 hours.( we used to love the playstation 1 games) If you play this game, make sure to play with a friend. Please give the story in the second one videos, and a multiplayer story option. Also give it more maps and different game types, like super fast and multi-bomb and stuff.


i agree with kamikaze

addictive, yet

if u could make it multiplayer with ya know servers and crap it would be alot better even though it already rocks!