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Reviews for "Revolutions"


This song was sweet hehe it all came through and wow double plats all the way huh? hehe gave ya a 5 for just being outstanding wow lol but in any other case could u try to mkae songs longer? hehe even if the max is 4000k -_-' o wells hehe well Keep on makin them n can't wait for ur next submission hehe =D

Dimrain47 responds:

Like I've said below, I've written longer stuff, but NG won't let me post it because of its file size. I'm trying to figure out a way to get it out there to you guys, though = )

Dude, you are sick.

You are probably the best techno artist I have ever heard. If there is any way to submit songs to DDR, you hav a huge shot, because this is just as good as any song on the whole game. Well, gotta go rate all your songs 5, peace.

Dimrain47 responds:

Haha....well, im working on a copyrighted CD, so maybe that might just happed = ). Thanks for the review/scores!!!!

two words


(maybe three...)


Nicely Done

This is a great song. Very nice job- hope to see more.

Beautifully flawless

I've never heard anything like this, it really is a true work of art. The mixing of sounds, the percussion, the background harmony... everything about it is exceptional. It's pretty long, and it never gets boring or repetitive, you keep it lively and I like it. I like all of your music, you're a talented composer, but this, in my opinion, by far surpasses your other works. Keep up the excellent talent