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Reviews for "[KK] NG Commerical"

Parodies. Cant live without them, eh?

Dont care how original it is, i still like it. Good parody!

Nice flash.

Good music, and a well put together plot. I love the animation as far as how it mimics the geico commercial. Haha brilliant stuff.


oh nose it teh edn of the world

kk did i real flash omfg wow just wow were all going to die now

KK, You have earned my respect.

I am happy for you. You have finally went and made a flash worty of being seen. You have finally made a flash that I didn't vote 0 on. I acually voted five on this, something I didn't think I'd ever do to a KK flash. KK, you might start going places, just keep making flashes of even better quality and, dare I say it, you might just make a flash as popular as the Numa Numa Dance. (as popular as it was in 2004 at least. Fyi, that's when it was the most popular.)

Keep this up and I'll take back every bad thing I said about the KK before.

1 million babies

I gave you a 5/5 and a 10/10 because of the nostalgia value this flash has and because it's amazing. The end.