Reviews for "HK's Phoenix Wrong"

This is a great pheonix wrong

I like this one more than others, because i saw some characters in this one and your other one that i dont see in others, KUDOS TO YOU, KEEP IT UP

Nice! ^.^

Nice one, I have to agree with wrhsouth, Draft punk and conker make this rule 8)

=D 10/10

i always like things like this, & i like it even more since ur anti-4kids ^^, kill um i say lol but thats onluy because they killed my favorite anime..one piece T_T, lol well this was good & i like the 2ed one 2, keep it up =D

HibiscusKazeneko responds:

And FUNimation has just aggravated the situation, believe it or not.

F'n yeah!!!

Dude, you mixed Phonix Wright with Conker, throw in some Daft Punk, and you are a god in my book!

Conker's BAd Fur Day..

LOL at the conker's reference.. That game never gets old.. And with an opera dude lip syncing it? ROFL. 5\5.