Reviews for "Tomato Trick"


If we had been BFF's (aw maw gawd!) prior to this flash, I would've proudly voiced the tomato.

El-Cid responds:

That'd be something interesting to put on your resume. :)

Tomato Go Boom!!!

The part that I laughed my ass off at was his face right before he exploded :)


that was so simple and so funny at the same time, just like it should be, it's great i love it


Bwahahaha! Suicidal Tomatoe...nice concept, very well made. Funny as hell too, you win!


The pause before the scream did it for me!

Nice touch at the end there.
In cases where a "suicide waistcoat" is worn all thats left of the suicide bomber is usually the head. Often found a fair distance from ground zero...