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Reviews for "BarbJump"

god this was funny

oh yeah please make another one. I liked this one so much.

Pretty funny

Could have been more gory. I got 79 beat that!

thats cool

if you want to do good at this game you should keep you eye on that stained pice of sand, when the wire reached it press space

racist as hell

pretty racist art work there.. good job... while your at it, why dont you render a wet back mexican lazily sleeping beside a cactus... or a buck toothed asian picking rice while jump roping..... prick.

what the....?

What in the name of hell was that? and the girl going lalalalalalalalalala. That really got me riled up. Ahem, NOT! I cant believe u wasted ur time on this game. Sowwy. Think of something else lol. like Ronin. Thats a good game... I recommend it. If anyones reading this its on the front page and lemme tell u its a hell of alot better than this piece of shit game.