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Reviews for "Pandemic: EoM"


man, youve done it again!!!

Blips responds:

Thanks for the review :D :D


That was challenging, much harder than the other pandemic game, but I do wish there was a upgrade screen, but that would make it easier for everybody.

Keep it up. :)

Very good!

I enjoyed this a lot more then the first one!

Its a lot harder and requires a heck of a lot more strategy. Seriously, great sequel!

For those of you that are having trouble: Its easier to do stuff with countries when they are all infected.

You've done it again!

This is a great simulation and uses the medium of Flash to its full potential. Don't listen to anyone that tells you this is too hard or too random. I've been playing it for 30 minutes and still can't beat it; however, think about it people, if it was THAT easy for a virus to infect every single person and kill them, wouldn't that have happened by now? The reality is that natural occurences like weather patterns, smoke rings, and patterns of viral infection all follow choatic principles, and you've done a great job of incorporating this phenomenon into the game. I also love the fact that it's Man vs. Virus. Very cool game; glad to see you're still exploring this untapped genre.

EP 2007


That was a very good game, but i liked how the first one had the option to be invisible. Also, I named my virus George W. Bush.