Reviews for "Alpha Force"

Your an idiot.

Whoever posted change the controls...click on them then press the one you want!

hardcore arcade classic!!>>::>:

real nice capccom classic kind of ame. pow, pow, pow, take that, pow, pow ,pow!! anywAy this is one brilliant flash. w00t!!!1111!!!

Why isn't this more popular?

It's too bad this is not popular on this website, as of course Newgrounds does have the most games! The thing I really liked was how everything was presented in such an orderly manner. It was great to see the weapons become more powerful. Everything here had a pretty simple design yet it still managed to be very creative. It was weird to see the anime girl's head at the top of the screen. At a certain point, there are so many shots you have to just not them and keep pressing the fire button.

Everything about this just seems so graceful. I am glad it managed to get the high score it deserved. Another good thing is that you manage to get a lot of oppurtunities to continue the game. Nothing in this seems pixellated and I can tell it came from a talented guy like HappinessSam. I hope you keep making these great games!


^^Good Points^^
A very good game. I'm surprised this didn't win a daily award. The graphics were very colorful and very cool. Looks like a real video game to me. The game works very well with a very good interface and great controls. The game was challenging and fun, so overall great job.

^^Needs Improving^^
A great game would have had a better storyline with some type of introduction movie.

Pretty Sweet Shooter.

I saw this game has uploaded elesewhere. Now it will have a sanctuary at NG. I just love the weapons system, the more power ups you collect, the more powerful your shots become. However, if you get hit, you can lose all that you earn, so playing well is the key. The Graphics have this pseudo anime/action cartoon look to it for a homage image to real classic gaming gems like Gunstar Heroes and Star Fox. I must say there are a couple things that keep this game from being perfect. One would be the music. One thing that is great about old school shooters is their brilliant sci-fi score. This one however, does not have that but a constant loop of a New Wave Rock Track that feels unfinished. Then theres the mission acomplished track but thats it. Please work on a beautiful sci-fi musical melody or at least find one. If you make another, please be sure to add a kind of rail gun weapon with an intense rate of fire because that be cool. You should also improve the enemy craft animations so that they look like they are taking damage with each hit.