Reviews for "Alpha Force"

Nice game

i can say myself i aint a big fan of those kinda games but this one deserves to be on newgronds and i beleive someone else would like it to be here too

Not bad

I'm not much of a classic arcade gamer but I have to say you put this together quite well

Keep up the good work

hardcore arcade classic!!>>::>:

real nice capccom classic kind of ame. pow, pow, pow, take that, pow, pow ,pow!! anywAy this is one brilliant flash. w00t!!!1111!!!

Your an idiot.

Whoever posted change the controls...click on them then press the one you want!


switch the fire button... if you press it more than once then it brings up the search box!!!

and if you press shift too many times it goes into lock!!!

switch it to like space and x or something...

then resubmitt!!