Reviews for "When In Space"


This is danceable to, but it's more of a videogame song.
=D Keep it up!

I agree with Daveguy

This sounds like a sonic the hedgehog song. This is dancable if you're into hardcore fist pumping.


wow! can i do a music video for this? ill give you MAJOR credit lol.

mooseymaniac responds:

yeah, of course


something about 00:13 really hits the spot. wish there was more tho, feels like it could go somewhere far beyond, like if it morphed into another genre like trance. That kinda of transition would be epic if done correctly. gonna listen to your other stuff~

I'm not so sure i would want to see dancing in space, with the zero G and what not, makes dancing a little difficult, but the music sure as hell kicks ass. Only comment is that its less than a minute of awesome.