Reviews for "Ball Sack Jungle"

Greatest single piece of animation in all history

That. Was. Amazing. Everything was perfect except for 1 little bit. I didn't like the "flicker" on the sticker on the side of the truck. I hope you will try and fix that in the future, because this animation will probably multiply Newgrounds' traffic twentyfold. On top of the amazing quality, it is the most original idea. Ever. Vegemite will be delicious before someone comes up with a better idea. Small children will cry if this doesn't make frontpage.

PirateClock responds:

Indiana Jones just called me and he cried for failing to be as epic as my flash.


An unforgettable flash experience.

This movie is worth watching in many ways. The lively characters give this movie a warm feeling when watching, also the never seen before plot with many unseen twists give the movie much action. Jokes for both young and old are also present.

This movie is a must-see for every film lover.

PirateClock responds:


300th Review

Dedicating it to you. You should seriously resize it and submit it to TomFulp's bytesize thing going on. I think it would make it.
<3 ScareCrow

PirateClock responds:

i have like 1000000 small scene's just waiting to be used for something. ill use one of those;)

hey dude

i love u and ur gay porn whered did u get the tiger jacking off in ur 100 halo jokes movie couse i loved it


That jungle gave me an erection. A big, hard one.

But, uh, yeah. Pretty funny, I mean, why not?

PirateClock responds:

It is epic!