Reviews for "Raven Teen Titans Hentai"


Not a big fan of things like this all the time, but you did a good job *nods* I must agree with Popeofdope though. It is sad to think of how many young boys (and maybe girls...) will get off (or even turned on) by/ to this.

None the less... good work! Hope it gets the respect it deserves for the high quality flash animation.

quality qauntity

oddly enough most hentia on ng is lwo quality. this actualy had pretty good graphics and imagry. although fairly unusal its still good.

HAHA, very suprisingly well done.

At first i was just seeing video and was thinking blam, but as soon as you could see the slash animated shit, you can tell it's very high quality. The sick part is this is probably going to turn on alot of 13 year olds, watching this twisted tentical sex. Well done though, hentai isn't my thing at all, but I hope this animation gets the respect it definatly deserves.

work of art

most amazing drawings ive ever seen in flash, perfection to every degree, id be even happier to see a funny or serious action flash, keep up the kickass work


that was the best teentitans drawings id ever seen.