Reviews for "Space Duck"

FKing trippy,

What the fuck are you smoking, and where can i get some? AWESOME MAN!!!


it was one of the most crazy things i ever saw in my life
really....but i liked the way the duck moves, its pretty funny
great job man

it all makes sense now.....

the space duck's real purpose is to-*get's shot*

You are..

one of the most creative artists on newgrounds. The music was great, the visual transitions were clean and smooth and you even kept a recurring theme. I seriously felt like I was on shrooms. Great work

Its a conspiracy

Little do you people know when you clicked play your mouse injected you with a fast-acting halucinogen.
This in turn caused you to see what you did. In reality, this is actually a documentary on waterfowl's hyperintelligence that has allowed them to colonize the moon while we werent watching, hence the term, "space duck". However because the government doesnt want you to know about how smart ducks really are and would rather you only remember that they're good for hunting, so they secretly installed micro-syringes into your computer's mouse to keep you from seeing anything they dont want you to see.

Therefore, I applaud The Sexual-Lobster for helping bring this important information to light. Thank you for your contribution to help fight against our oppressive overlords.

(but really tho...trippy ass animation but it was smooth and intricate. Good job dude...the space duck truly is a majestic creature)