Reviews for "«REMEMBER ME» (REUPLOAD)"


hehehe fresh vocals ey ? it is a good song,though it gets a LITTLE annoying with the (ooooo~~) sound xD..oh well mayb its just my problem =] no hard feelings dude..i love ur songs

DjSpada responds:

Hey Defieric8! Lol that vocal gets kinda nnoying but it fits well hehe

no hard feelings takin,
thx for your review!


Another great track

Very nice sounding, great for easy listening, but not too easy.

You Will Alway's be V!


DjSpada responds:

Hi Viewtiful-QuickMan! lol thx man

You'll see (he he) SOON ENOUGH!

Who could forget you DjSpada your getting to the top now. Your getting better Dj! your getting better!

The fourty more thing (he he) thats not what I meant. It was suposed to be a riddle but im not that good with riddles.Cause I know you already have 40 songs out, but with the reupload it makes 41.

Now what I meant was something else. I meant that with fourty more, meaning by 40 dollars.
I could by me that music studio 10th anniversary software. I know I won't come out with a big hit But I've practicing and practicng. I'll start in the video game section and then I'll do some in the trance section. I got the the Music maker game for the PS2 I thoght that It was great but the only reason why I didn't like it because I you can't put the songs you make on to the computer. Thats when I decided to get the music studio software. Don't worry I'm going to try my best. Once I get it i'll probably make the fire emblem - togther we ride remix then when im finisned. I'll e-mail it to you to see if it sounds good and if there is any problem with it you can tell me what I should do or what I did wrong. (he he) Thats what I ment by 40 more. You don't care if I get in the audio business right! I just feal like making my own audio.

Your friend


DjSpada responds:

Hey Viewtiful-Masta! Oh lol sry for the missunderstanding. Keep practicing man! Im sure you can get better than you are now! Gl for everything, and sry fot this reallyyyy late response :P.