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Reviews for "Particles"


its not fair! the music is to catchy and i cant concentrate on the balls but i dont wanna turn my speakers down cuz then i cant hear the music. i see how you get people now. 181 seconds.... w00t.


Simplicity... I like it

the best game u eva made

that is my farorite out of all your games, amazing

fun fun fun

most fun game ever made along with the music 148 seconds and almost to the end of the song. so much fun


summary: this game is fun and addicting. this game is also a great stress reliever *if that was spelled correctly*. anywayz nice goin!

your score: 10/10 and a 5/5 nice!

improvements: ummmmm........ too busy to think of any...........

more happy comments: i got an A+!!!!!! i don't remeber the # of ballz............. i think 9....... man that game is fun nice goin!