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Reviews for "Bleach: Hentai Christmas"

i thought...

its pretty good. But u need to make her moan more!

MisterPiccolo responds:

I can do that, I will add more moaning sounds in there. I will do that soon, thanks for the review!

Not what I expected at all

I liked the way you did your warning in your comment. I really didn't expect something like this. I love the idea though, sort of brings me to link it in a group with the flash Orgasm Girl by Deja-Vu. That flash was done a little better though. Sound was good and your drawings were better then average but overall, the only thing this was, was boring. I have nothing against Hentai at all, believe me, but this was just five buttons that did there own unique thing, with different values to sexual energy. All you had to do was click anyone other than stop and wait for it to go up to 100.

You could have made this better by making everyone needed at some point or each one having a cap on how high it would make the sexual energy go. Both even would be better.

This wasn't bad, and I think you have a good idea with this is you were to do another. I just didn't like it because the flaws I saw in it made it boring to me. Other then that, your sound was good and you are a better then average drawer. This has a good chance of passing judgment even though I gave it a 0/5. If you were to fix these things in a futer submission you would most likely get a 4/5 from me. I'm sorry if that's a little rough and not constructive for you.

I'm 19 (In case you were wondering my age.)

MisterPiccolo responds:

Thanks for the review.I like your sugestion about the cap for each option. I may incorperate that in my next flash. It is a nice idea.

Over all rating of 4, and a 0/5 kinda hurts. Ouch. But, that is how you feel then thats cool.

Thanks again for the review and feedback.

nice job

well I can only give you kudos but good job with the warning to. I forgot to change my stats

MisterPiccolo responds:



Not a huge fan of these games, played it though. Yeah it doesn't compete with such games as sim girl etc but with some work it could be good. Such as different positions other than those listed,maybe spiritual power could grant speed etc?
I dunno,but it is ok.

MisterPiccolo responds:

Ah, good sugestions. I will take them into consideration. Thanks for your review.