Reviews for "{dj-N} Theory of Everything XL"


Nate, your music is what makes life so awesome to live my friend. I am honored that you would share your musical talent with me and everyone here on newgrounds. Your gift is amazing, never stop being awesome.


I don't usually rate songs 5, unless I REALLY like them. This song deserved it. I dare say it's one of the best electronic songs on newgrounds at the moment.
I consider songs like essays. Some songs have parts of them that are better written than others, however this song was well written throughout it's length which made me rate it the way I did.
The only thing that sounded strange was at the very end where the sidechain effect started playing with the fx. But apart from that, everything is great.


(I wouldn't stress too much about the end, I suck at conclusions as well :D)

Can anyone tell me why cant i download the song?

Awesome Song

this is the longest (full) official song in geometry dash