Reviews for "Future"


simple, but cool,
heavier base could be better:D

Pure epic win.

Tron, with a splash of cyberpunk, an injection of retro gaming, cybernetically fused with a helluva lot of awesome. Great work lining up the animation and the music, and I loved how there were a number of different stories interplaying, and how you transitioned between them. All around epic job here.

Still a Favorite

Okay, I watched this like... 4 years ago - and I STILL love it. Great syncing up with the music man. The visuals are great and colorful. You have a great imagination and I definitely want to see more from your colorful mind!


You have an amazing skill (one I wish I had ><), outstanding job. It's crazy what you were able to make with only Flash 8.


great job with the effects,realy