Reviews for "History of Douchebags"

Not Flash

Not bad, but not Flash and so not really appropriate for this site. Actually, it wasn't even animated. The text moved a little occasionally, but just in front of unmoving photos. Sorry, it just doesn't really qualify to be here.

lol haha

job well done. i loved it.

All too true

So what next, a look at douchebags on certain sites? This was pretty funny. The only few problems included the typewriter sounds and the music would've been better if it was more classic. But like the guy behind me said. This should really be a series. Have fun making it if you plan to!

I like it

Make this a series. The only bad things i can say about this animation is that the music gets annoying after a while, and the descriptions of the douchebags arent really that in depth or recent. I totally expected K-Fed to be at the end of the list.