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Very creative film!

A few reviewers have given you a hard time about this film, some saying it's not original and some saying that it copies Animator vs. Animation or whatever it's called.
However, your flash is original.. just because someone did something similar on TV forever ago doesn't mean you can't do something like it and it be original.. That's just silly. Virtually EVERYTHING is rehash from something else. As far as Animator vs. Animation goes, it was completely animated while you used film, which, to me, is completely different.
It's not the longest work, there weren't sound effects, and the file was big, but I still give it a 5 for being the most creative thing I've seen on here since some of Knox' work. Thanks!

AlmightyHans responds:

thanks mate, for such a nice review. speaking of Knox, i got clay videos myself! check em out! CLATOMIC, i'd like to hear our opinion on those as well, email me on the newgrounds mail thingy maggiger.