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Reviews for "BotArena2"


Apparently this game has been crashing quite a bit for people. It's happened to me as well, and your save feature on your webpage doesn't do jack.

Apart from that, this game kicks ass. I just wish I could get through it.

Cruelly addictive!

The weight system was an incredible idea! The restrictions and limitations it put was by no means constricting! It was such a fantastic way to find balance between offense and defence- truly commendable! The the weapons were fairly similar, but their strength was not- another noticably fantastic trait.

Oh, man, what's to say? I like the techno soundtrack, too- very fitting. The sounds of the bullets were somehow satisfying, and the AI was fairly decent. A lot of it was up to luck though- and the right positioning/combination of weapons and armour.

Takes a damn long time to pass. I still can't do it =( Perhaps when I have the luxury of time. Bloody awesome challenge though!


Great exept....

The game was amzaing exept the save feature it saves once or twice then it doesnt work anymore other wise atstouding game

Magnificcent game

You made a great game but could u like include a freeplay mode where there is no limit to the weight or something like that. Then this game would be perfect.


well i gotta say something