Reviews for "SMG2- World 3 Map"


This is perfect. Absolutely perfect. Sounds almost exactly like the original.


at first i couldnt tell the difference between the real one and yours, but after awhile you can tell. great job, its perfect.


jonbro, ive played riddle skool since the day it came out. its been 4 years, i think. you need to be more confedent. this is amazing. make an original song. u have talent. (u r lucky) if you would, pm me. i wis i could make somthin amazing. keep it up! :D

Its speechless

This music is my favorite in the whole SMG2 and just hearing it makes me forget all of the tension and stress that floats around in the world and thank you for this heavenly music. 5/5 10/10

Um... Okay.

You are awesome.
I think this is like so cool.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - World 3 is awesome.