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Reviews for "3:33am"

Good to see you

I had headset on and pretty high volume, scared the crap out of me. omg i hate these halloween movies.
Graphics were great as urural ( ur the best ).

Nice to see one of the legends release new material

Awesome :D

I saw it was a new animation by you and immediately sat up in my chair and turned up the volume. Everything about it was perfect, it reminded me of "taken" quite a bit. I can think of nothing else to say except it was the highlight of my night :)

Nice one!

It's nice to see someone with some talent contributing to the Hallowe'en spirit! Great graphics as usual, not as good as your Brackenwood series but hey, it's better than most of what you see in the portal usually.. It made me jump to, I honestly wasn't expecting it! :P

Graphics=10, great job, you took time into it, obviously.

Style=10, you did an excellent job, very unexpected and scary, well contributing to the Hallowe'en theme.


Violence=6, not much violence but it was clearly there, good job!

Interactivity=5, not much interactivity but as much as needed for this flash.

Humor=7, as scary as it was I did find it pretty funny.

Excellent job as usual, keep it up Adam!




It wasn't really awesome, it was just a cool and creepy idea. keep up the good work! 3/5


Something actually scary. This wins the halloween contest by default.

Great jumper Adam.