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Reviews for "3:33am"


i was like holy hell!


THAT SCARED THE FRIGIN CRAP OUT OF ME! I ALMOST FELL OUT OF MY CHAIR! MY HEART IS BEATIN SO FAKIN FAST RIGHT NOW! ithought this was gunu be some lesson or story like bitey, or the night shift, or sometin, but then i see this old guy wakin up, and im thinking, he look kinda like an imp, i bet those arent his feet over there, so im looking at his reaction, starin closely at wat'll happen next then suddenly, WHAM, that thing freaked the heck out of me. it was well thought out, BUT WHY"D U HAVVE TO MAKE SOMETHEN SO CRUEL!?!?!


i was so like blew up my self after that man

holy shit!

i knew wat was coming, but i thought there would be some music or summin, so i turned the volume up, then I wondered if my computer was lagging as not much was happening, so i looked closer into the screen. then i almost had a fkin heart attak!
Good work you cruel bastard!

My hear rate is like at a kagillion righ tnow lol

Scared the crap out of me even when the guy below me commented and said that there was going to be a monster lol.
Good work, I get scared easy though, haha