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Reviews for "Dr. Steel's Hallow Hello"

Nicely done, Great Ideas

A Photographic Flash, who'd of thought it?
I hope to see you continue your brillience on Newgrounds.

starkravenmadd responds:

I had the idea from listening to the Dr Steel piece featured, and the rest fell into place. I realize it is not origional in its nature, but I hope it did not come off too stale!
Thanks for the view and the compliments! I am pleased you enjoyed it.

Dr Steel For Emperor!

Loving it! And Dr Steel's the best! keep up the good work! (and everyone, sign up as a toysoldier today!)

starkravenmadd responds:

Thanks there fellow soldier! I am so glad to see you enjoyed it. It is good to see a soldier enjoying the propaganda. See you about!

good work

Nice stuff Starkraven! We need a music video of the Toy Soldier Anthem :D

starkravenmadd responds:

Oh thanks! Haha, yeah, I need to animate that one day. hehe..

pretty nice

well, i seriously liked it, besides the obvious "holy crap, i am trippin out i think im going to soil myself" factor.

starkravenmadd responds:

He he.. thanks! I hope to make another scary flash this halloween. I am glad you liked this one.

Neato Torpedo!

Winky in C Minor has always been too creepy for my taste, and you just used it against me. How mean. XD I need to start showing this to people now that Halloween is coming up again. Great work. ^^

-Ghosty (To creativity and robots!)

starkravenmadd responds:

I plan on updating this with a non interactive version. I think I will list it as Winky mark 2. The old one is buggy and the Doc has re-released the song with a more orchestration feel. I'm glad you enjoyed this one in spite of its super creep factor! hehe!