Reviews for "The Next Morning"

The style was exceptional

I really enjoyed the blending style of photographs and flash "pencil sketching." The animation flowed nicely, the story was engaging, and the interactivity made it easier to watch through. I would only ask you to pick a less, well, cheesy song for the theme. Very well done.

"He's taking on his shoes"?

^^^thats pretty much the only thing i think was wrong with this "game"
but make the next one non interactive, it took a little too long
still passable (3/5) and nice graphics


I'm sorry, but that was horribly tedious, I found it boring...

However, I love your animating style, like when George put on his shoes; great effects!

Keep it up, and make the next one non-interactive, that killed it.


I was totally waiting for something predictable...this wasn't. Excellent graphics, very original style...I loved it!!


A big waste of time.
I didn't even finish it because it was so boring.