Reviews for "Fancy Mike - Elephant"


Nice. Great beat.

Scribbler responds:

Thanks Rido!


really good music suitable for a game, only this is different from your usual style as "Fancy Mike - Los Angeles" or "Fancy Mike - Gandhi" in which sounds are most acute and distorted!, anyway good job!

Scribbler responds:

This is a bit different, I agree and that's fine. I don't like being lumped into a particular "genre". I'd rather make tracks that are always aiming to push the envelope, while still being good. ^__^

Thanks for the review.


I was honestly getting bored with the music I've been hearing out of this genre...then this came up :) I goota say, this is one of the best songs i've heard in a bit. Keep up the good work :)

Downloaded for sure.

Very good song. I sensed a strong melancholic depression throughout the song, coupled by a rough aftermath of anxiety and resentment. And you titled it well. It made me feel - so I give you a 10.

Where is my crowbar?

Scrape the slime and crusted blood off your crowbars folks, it's time to beat some aliens down! Or just kill whatever you feel like killing to this masterpiece. I seriously felt like I was jogging down those never-ending corridors in Black Mesa again. Shooting Vorts and beating zombies! Hell, yeah dude! Download for sure!