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Reviews for "Intro test 1"


Why such a low score, guys? |-O
This is very great, keep it up!
10/10| 5/5|

Maverlyn responds:

it's for a film on youtube in the making.
im testing varius styles and lenghts :)

Awesome short track

This was a pretty epic & sweet minute track you made,it had a big uplifting feel and the guitar play sounded so awesome too i wished it would have lasted longer but for the minute it lasted was a minute well spent. =)

Good intro!

Awsome for an intro!


Really great intro, gets you ready for an adventure. I especially love the blending of acoustic and electric guitar, very well done. Thanks for sharing

You are a super hero

I was wondering if I could use this as an intro to a series that I'm doing for youtube. Also I may or may not add lyrics to it. It's okay if you don't want me using it though, you're still brilliant. I would of course credit you in all of the videos. Great music man, keep it up.

Maverlyn responds:

Feel free to use any tracks you want to :)