Reviews for "Alien Carnage"

Not bad

It's clear that work was put into this, but some things need improvement. First, either speed up the jumping animation or slow down the aliens rate of fire. Next, the first alien you encounter seems to have too much health, as I had to pound him with fire for almost thirty seconds before he died, whereas all the other aliens like him died much faster. I like your ideas for hiding in shadows and stuff, would like to see more of that in games like this. Also, I'll only briefly mention that there is a game called Alien Carnage, but I see the most recent reviewer already pointed that out so never mind. Nice work.

BOA's first clone?

This game is pretty fun to play, but it just seems way to much like BOA (Brink of Alienation). The controls are exactly the same (with the exception of the combos you can do), the story is very similar, and the layout of the health points and grenade count are identical as well. (I even noticed you ripped a sound effect from BOA)

Simply put, this is an ol' fashioned clone.

I also believe you have no previous knowledge of there being an Alien Carnage by Apogee (1994) to which this bears no resemblance. Wiki it.

Puting those two huge details aside, the graphics of this game is the only real positive I can find. The "physics" of the game were not well executed. With the grunts shooting at you, it is nigh impossible to dodge every shot, due to the jumping animation being to slow. The character doesn't move fast enough to effectively take out the crawlers in the beginning either.

I'm glad you could make a game, but originality and effective gameplay is where it's at.

Honto responds:

There're THOUSANDS of games that use Arrow keys to move and the spacebar to shoot other than that controls aren't the same, BOA doesn't use 'v' for grenades and neither 'c' for action.
Also BOA isn't the only sidescroller shooter based on a dude killing aliens and this is NOT a clone.

Sounds are from flashkit and not ripped from anywhere, i guess the guy from BOA got them from there too like everyone can.

I had no idea bout that other game named like this.

It must be that your computer isn't fast enough but in mine you can dodge almost, if not all, bullets if you're fast, time well and know how and when to use the dodge moves and you can easily kill all of the crawling aliens.

Thanks for your review

Looks like Alien HOMINID...

It practically is, I wanna see why it's whistled though...

Honto responds:

it really doesn't have much to do with alien hominid... i wonder if you have actually played this game...


argh, i voted 5
it IS a really good game
but the only thing i can say about the movment
'fucking garhh'
the dude turns around and u'r half way across the god damn screen :@
so frustrating

apart from that
its a great game :]

Honto responds:

thanks for your hight rating

Why the low score?

Maybe I'm just rubbish, but this game appears broken. I can only get one of the stealth kills to work, and that section with the crawling bugs is literally impossible because bugs above your shooting height can still get you.

Also, when you die at that part, and restart, the bug noises persist as if they were still there.

Please fix the bugs and resubmit this, because it looked so good.


Honto responds:

Stealth kills are hard to pull off but i have tested them as well as other people and all 4 of them work. to kill the crawling bugs above you just jump if you had played the turorial you'd know what to do.
About the sound, i'll fix that.