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Reviews for "8-bit Challenge"

Very difficult battle! I'm going to need a guide!

Very nice, and I dig that bass line! I enjoyed the harmonized layers of melodies. It was made into a guitar instrumental, it would be absolutely killer. Unlike a lot of other 'chiptune' songs on Newgrounds, this song actually sounds like it could be from a dusty. forgotten gem for a classic console. It sounds like the bastard child of a Genesis and an NES, and I like it! Easily one of my favorites as of late. Keep 'em coming, Erich! - EC

EliteFerrex responds:

This one's one of my favorites, too. I'm happy to see you visited more than one of my songs! ^^


Absolutely loved this song, you made a fantastic job keeping the tension high throughout it. Its not repetitive, it really catches your attention from the first notes, and its both, melodic and agressive, full of power. You are nothing short of an outstanding composer in my opinion.


I can't say anything that hasn't been said already about this song without lying; it is nothing short of epic.

Awesome sauce!

This was one epic 8-bit track,there seemed to be no flaw in this with it's perfect quality as was the volume syncing of all the beats which all fit together very nicely,this is a must have for me and i thank you for making such a great song. =D

Sick-Ass Tune!

Nuff Said.