Reviews for "Ackbar : Trap Light"

nice work

i didnt expect damn he aitn ganna be in rush hour 3 to pop out a million times....maybe i should read the script.
any way good thing we got the trap button fixed.

Awww Yeah!

Once again you've made me smile. Every episode of this series makes me laugh! Haha, I love this kind of random humour. Haha can't wait till the next episode. =D


Yeah, by all rights, that was a horrendous flash. It looked bad. It sounded bad. I don't even know what flash is anymore.

And yet...I have no idea why, but I found it absolutely hilarious and I had to give it a 5, just to make sure it stays up here. Usually, I refuse to type "lol" about anything because nobody ever REALLY laughs out loud when they type it...but I honestly did actually laugh at this.

Oh, Admiral Ackbar...I will never tire of your trap-related antics.


Funny as hell! I love your sence of humor, so dont stop making these, we all need a good laugh once and a while! =D Keep on it


I really like th random humor and the fact you take jokes from prior episodes.

The eyes are really funny and in the last episode where Ackbar exploded at the end was HILARIOUS!

Luigo, the plummer, working on electicity is funny. That trap ain't ever gonna' work right...


Keep it up! These are really funny!