Reviews for "ClockCrew Collab - Light!"

congratz this earned......

a 3/5 for me. ive seen better, then again, theres shittier shit out there. i LUV the song. put up a download link will ya? (plz?! perhaps on ur description page, so everyone can have a go at downloading it!) the song kicked ass, the animation kept a steady framerate though everything couldve been drawn better. but then again, you probaly draw with a mouse, so what can ya do? you sketch every frame on a notepad in real life and put it through the printer! save it as an image! import it to flash! thats what you do! i could be wrong, having never used flash in my life. smack me if im wrong. but now ive been up for 20 straight hours and i need some major sleep..... *yawn*.... nice work keep it up etc etc. NO MORE URRIES the clock crew sux at furries.

Sonucais responds:

hey! who are you saying! clock crew rocks, also im the furry! hey no wait!? ~_~

IM NOT A FURRY! But im furry! Who the hell created that word!?


whohad the lines of "The nothern lights" "i will open the gates of hope" and also said the lines"Finally you have done justice the gate of hope is opened i dont have regret any more Now i can believe we where born.... ETC"
i need that VA or somone like it
this rocked more than my socks off

Sonucais responds:

i dont get the main comment, but i can understand the ps, lolz.

dun diss locklegion

really, its just too cheap to make anti - locklegion propaganda, they are really good(mostly dont give clockcrew shit either....)
and especially wonchop has great skills. he is one of the best fucking flasartists on ng. and for the record: im absoluty not a member of locks or clocks.

oh yes and btw: heineken (and so, heinekenclock) sucs!!!! fucking undrinkable.... really. and im from holland (where heineken actually came from) so i should know.

aaaaaaaaaaanyway, other than what i just said, it was pretty good. (see? i am fair, so dont give me that OoWGZZZ U SUck- bullshit)
so, well done, but next time, try to be not such a son of a bitch.

Sonucais responds:

Hey wait, that isnt anti-locks propaganda. Maybe just clockcrew propaganda but not antilock!

Ew... you ofensed Heineken he changes he's name :(


OMGOMGOMG!!!! about a quarter of the way through this, i started playing the tune on my guitar!! ^.^ definetly a favourite!!

Sonucais responds:

hahaha good job

d0od th1s r0x!

this was awesome yo! ^^ great flash and selection of music too!! I loved every bit of it!!

Sonucais responds:

omg rly?