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Reviews for "Blow a Kiss"


Wow what a good way to showcase something in terms of a anime type style of woman. Mayne anime isn't your style or what you were going for here, but this just reminds me of much anime or manga art I have seen over the years. I do like the way you've given a body angle that isn't done much in art submissions on here. The way she is laying down with the angle upwards is new and good. It shows you can draw for different perspectives and that is very hard to do and takes talent. A lot of drawing is based on what you see in real life or learning from other art, but you see to have a natural talent to just create something out of your mind. I like the smoke or the "KISS" you have going on here. The way she is just subtly giving out the kiss is nice as if she has no cares in the world to share her feelings and is relaxed in her choices. I think that is what her facial expression is saying here. She likes what she has to offer and is comfortable in her own skin. The outfit is nice and very empowering for her hair type. They go well together because you've given her a lot of hair to showcase her appeal and strength within. You even added puffed up bits of hair to match and tie-in with the smoke kiss. I thought that was a good way to showcase your theme and keep it all together. The flow from hair to kiss to body position was all very good and something I enjoyed to see. I would change the background, because the blue is so very faint that I didn't really notice it much and that is not something you want to lose in this piece because it allows her a glow and floating like feeling that I know you wanted to achieve. I would add some darkness or contrast to that area next time to simple enhance the vibrance of the color and make it a bit more darker and apparent. Good work overall and something different and almost magical. I would love to see more soon.

Nothing to really change except maybe blurring of the trees on the sides could be reduced a few ticks on your blur effect in photoshop.


I was wondering if this was a character from something else. I guess the smoke reminded me of Koffing. I imagine she's supposed to have fire powers of some kind. The hair certainly reminds you of that. I really like her expression. It's great to see her so calm when using her abilities.

At first, I thought there was no background. I now realize there's blue around her body. That certainly adds more detail. You create a pretty positive atmosphere here. She has a well flowing body.

As if neck part is kinda missing but I love what you did there with colours and shading.

Toshi13go responds:

Ahh I think i see what you mean X') thanks! XD

looks similar with a character ... ahhmmmmmmmm.... Millia Rage ?

Toshi13go responds:

Haha wasnt familiar with Millia rage but i suppose their might be some similarities? X')

Definitely like this one!

Toshi13go responds:

Thanks! XD